Nature reserves

In Stockholm County there are about 270 nature reserves. Many of these areas provide excellent opportunities for experiencing nature, outdoor recreation and other activities.
Eriksö nature reserve

Establishing nature reserves is one of the most common ways of protecting valuable natural environments in the long term. Nature reserves may consist of small or large areas. Many nature reserves are established in order to preserve natural habitats and species that live there, whereas others are established in order to promote outdoor life – or for both reasons.

Nature reserves are established by county administrative boards and municipalities, supported by the Environmental Code. The land may be privately or publicly owned.


There are about 3 800 nature reserves in Sweden. Together they make up almost 85 % of all protected nature.

There are more than 270 nature reserves in Stockholm County. Together they cover more than 122 000 hectars.

Many nature reserves are also part of the Natura 2000 network – our contribution to the EU’s nature conservation work.

Visit a protected natural area

You can find more information on protected natural areas to visit in the Outings guide to 33 protected areas (link).