County Administrative Board

The County Administrative Board is the representative of the Government in the region and the coordinating body for State
activities in the county.

The County Administrative Board has a broad area of responsibility. The Board works on issues concerning the environment, nature, the labour market, competence sourcing, the business community, social development, animal protection, gender equality, integration, transport, infrastructure and housing.

The County Administrative Board’s task is to coordinate these and other areas of public responsibility to achieve efficient solutions for a sustainable society in which economic development, the environment and social welfare are interlinked.

The County Administrative Board also has the task of ensuring that the county’s citizens receive the level of service the Government has decided on, that municipalities and companies comply with laws and regulations and that nationwide objectives adopted by the Government are achieved in Stockholm County.


Old Town
Old Town in Stockholm. Photo: Marianne R Berlin



The county administrative board has today decided that a fire ban applies in Stockholm County. It is forbidden to make fire with an open flame, given the high fire risk in forest and land. The ban covers all of Stockholm County from May 17th, at 15.00.The decision is valid until further notice is given. When firefighting prohibits barbecues are only allowed in conjunction with specially arranged cooked barbecue areas designed to prevent the spread of fire.

The assessment of firefighting is based on SMHI's forecast basis and in consultation with the county's rescue services.

Our questions primarily contact the county rescue centers:

>> Räddningscentralen Stockholms län (RCSL)

>> Storstockholms räddningscentral (SSRC)