Naturum Stendörren

Naturum is a visitor centre with activities and exhibitions. There are about thirty Naturum in Sweden, from Abisko in the north to Stenshuvud in the south. In the county of Södermanland you can find Naturum Stendörren.

The county administrative board of Södermanland administrates Naturum Stendörren, which lies in Stendörren’s nature reserve on the coast of the Baltic Sea. There you can find information about the Baltic Sea and rich flora and fauna of Södermanland’s coast, as well as some cultural history of the location.

Records noted that the fairway through Stendörren was used by King Valdemar in the 1300 centenary. It is still used frequently by boats today.

The building is shaped like a flying Osprey, which is Södermanland’s county animal. If you are lucky you may spot it soaring in the sky. If you are even luckier you may see the white-tailed eagle. 

In the exhibition you can learn more about how the Baltic Sea was formed and changed through history. And which species that manage living in the special conditions that the Brackish waters of the Baltic Sea has. You can also read about the flora and fauna, geology, the cultural history in the archipelago and the treats against the life in the Baltic Sea. Taste how the water in the Baltic Sea has changed during the sea’s different stages, see what happens when you pee in the water and ride on our Grey seal Sälma!

Here you will meet Naturum’s experienced staff who gladly will answer your questions and show you around. During the summer there are free guides and lectures for the public in Swedish. If you contact Naturum in advance it is possible to get a guide in English.



Opening hours and contact information

In June-August, Naturum Stendörren is open daily 10:00-18:00. In May and September, opening hours are 10:00-17:00 in weekends and 12:00-16:00 in weekdays.

Welcome! Admission free.

The nature reserve can be visited the whole year around.

Tel: +46 155 26 31 80
Send an e-mail to naturum Stendörren