Trollegater is one of Swedens largest known cave systems in primary rock. The cave has a system of passages nearly one hundred metres long. The cave system is in the south of Östergötland which has more primary rock caves than anywhere else in Scandinavia. Adventure and excitement await those who wish to explore Trollegater!

A helmet is a good idea when you are about to enter the caves in Trollegater. Photo:Kurt Adolfsson 

Trollegater is considered to have been been formed immediately after the melting of the latest ice sheet in the south of Östergötland. At that time a number of earthquakes occurred to create cracks in the primary rock. When the ice retreated and exposed the land, tensions in the bedrock were released, which caused the cracks in the primary rock to become wider and deeper and the rocks were displaced. In this way a number of caves and deep crevices were formed in the area.

The large cave, where according to old legends the “trolls" used to live, is the most interesting. By negotiating a small passage you reach a chamber, at the far end of which you will find the entrances to two long passages that at the far end are connected. The height of the cave varies and in several places it is possible to stand upright.

Tough clothing and a flashlight are recommended. There are also a number of smaller caves and hollows. Those who prefer to stay above ground can walk along the long and broad crevices - "gatera".


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