The vast majority of decisions taken by the County Administrative Board may be appealed by the person affected by the decision. We also review appeals against decisions taken by a municipality or parish.

Appeal against the decision of the County Administrative Board

If you are affected by a decision made by the County Administrative Board, you can usually appeal against it, and you are also given information explaining how to proceed with the decision notification. You have a certain amount of time to lodge an appeal, calculated from the date on which you received the decision notification. The appeal must be in writing and sent through the post or by e-mail. You must state which decision you are dissatisfied with and what change you are requesting. Sign the letter before you send it to the County Administrative Board.  

The County Administrative Board checks that the appeal has been received in good time, before sending it and other documents in the case to the authority to settle the matter. We can also correct or reconsider our own decisions.

The County Administrative Board hears appeals of municipal decisions

Many types of decisions taken by a municipality can be appealed to the County Administrative Board. Examples include decisions regarding planning permission, parking permits and municipal decisions with regard to local traffic regulations and decisions taken by the municipality in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Code, Food Act and the Accident Prevention Act.

If you wish to appeal a municipal decision, send your letter to the municipality that made the decision. The municipality verifies that the appeal has been received within the stipulated time period, in which case it is forwarded to the County Administrative Board along with other case documents. Thereafter, you should contact us if you have any questions about the case. The County Administrative Board will then issue a decision, and if you remain dissatisfied with our decision, you can normally appeal that decision as well.                      

The rules of the Administrative Procedure Act (SFS 1986:223) apply when we are dealing with an appeal case. This means you have to be affected by a decision to have the right to appeal against it.

The County Administrative Board reviews funeral issues

Sometimes the relatives are divided on burial arrangements and the parish or municipality in charge of the funeral services cannot manage to mediate between them. The issue can then be submitted to the County Administrative Board for review. You can also contact us to appeal a ruling on the right to a burial plot or removal of buried remains or ashes.