County Administrative Board

Sweden is divided into 21 counties, each of which has its own County Administrative Board and County Governor.

Our function

The function of the County Administrative Boards is to be a representative of the state in their respective counties, and serve as a link between the inhabitants, the municipal authorities, the Central Government, the Swedish Parliament and the central state authorities.

Our competence

The County Administrative Board is the most versatile of Sweden’s authorities; our issues and our competence cover the entire social span. We have lawyers, biologists, architects, foresters, engineers, public relations officers, archaeologists, veterinarians, sociologists, economists and many others. The Board in Kalmar employs about 200 people.

Our aims

Our aims are to provide good service with open accountability that is based on the rule of law. Changes in society are resulting in increasing demands for accountability and accessibility. The County Administrative Board are developing services that help private persons and organisations to carry out their tasks regardless of time and place.

Contact us

County Administrative Board Kalmar
Phone: +46 (0)10 223 80 00
Postal address: S-391 86 Kalmar, Sweden
Visiting adress: Regeringsgatan 1, Kalmar