Final Seminar

The Final Seminar for the Life to ad(d)mire project  was executed 3rd -5th of November 2015.
Människor på en myr

A big thanks to all the 70 participants from 14 countries that made this seminar to an outstanding event.  

A mix of lectures and field trips to restored peat mining sites and raised bogs gave all of us knowledge on restorations, peatland hydrology, peatland ecology, peatlands positive effect to slow down the emission of greenhouse gases to prevent further climate changes, new colleges and so much more.  

Here you can find all the presentations from the Final Seminar, the booklets in which the Life to ad(d)mire projects is published, the Mire-ecology book (only in Swedish) produced within the project, the Laymans Report about the Life to ad(d)mire project and the film the project had a part in, the film was shown at COP 21 in Paris December 2015.  

The Final Report will be published on the Life to admire webpage once its approved by the Life Commission, sometime summer-autumn 2016.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

There is a hashtag for all of the attendees too share photos from the semninar at #addmire2015. Use this hashtag and share your photos.