Three generations.

The County Administrative Board is the regional election authority.  This means that we are responsible for preparing and running general elections, the election of members of the European Parliament and advisory national referendums.

Prior to the election

The County Administrative Board decides on the arrangement of constituencies and electoral districts.  We also decide on corrections in the electoral register. The County Administrative Board receives all orders for ballot papers and reports for the candidates whose names will appear on the ballot papers of the parties.

During the night of the election

We are responsible for reporting on the night of the election. This means that the electoral districts report to the County Administrative Board on the night of the election. Once we have verified the data it is registered with the Election Authority, which displays the results on its website. Newspapers, radio, television, online services and other media then retrieve the data about the provisional election results from the Election Authority.

Directly after the election

We also conduct the final count in all elections. This means that we

  • check the results from the night of the election
  • examine void ballot papers
  • allocate votes according to the different ballot papers
  • count votes cast for specific candidates
  • appoint members and deputies for the county and municipal councils.

Between the elections

Between the elections we appoint successors for members and deputies in the county and municipal councils who resign during the mandate period.

The County Administrative Board also trains the municipal election committees prior to elections and assists with advice and support to ensure that elections can take place safely and in accordance with statutory provisions.  

Furthermore, the County Administrative Board can, at short notice, run by-elections and referendums following a decision by Parliament.