Razorbills. Photo: Hans Östbom

Gran Nature Reserve is a 63 ha large island about 10 km from the northern coast of Hälsingland. The island is the most isolated on the coast of Hälsingland and the nature is characterised by its exposed location in the sea and by post-glacial land elevation.

There has been a light house here since 1886, nowadays there is no one working there. The remains from an old fishing village on Gran tell a story of the importance the island had for the coast fishers. Today most of the fishermen cabins are summer cottages.

Beach banks and lance leaf grape fern
Gran is believed to have risen out of the sea about 2 000 years ago and was immediately exposed to the powers of the sea. The island is covered by surge gravel and shingle where the rock is not exposed. Between the lighthouse and the southern cape, as well as east of Grisselberget, there are beautiful beach banks.

An old and almost ancient like pine forest grows in the central and southern parts of the island. The flora is species poor but contains several unusual elements. In the open grass fields by the fishing villages you can find the county’s most specimen rich place for lance leaf grape fern. The lichens flora, which is affected by the exposed and isolated location, is also very interesting.  

Razorbills and grey seals
The county’s largest razorbill population can be found on Gran. The colony has been known about since the 17th-century but the number of nesting birds has varied. Due to its location the island is very important for resting migratory birds, but also for the nesting birds such as arctic skua, black guillemot and common eider.

The northern part of the island with its shallow waters is set aside as a seal sanctuary. Here is one of the most important locations for the grey seal. It is prohibited to enter these areas during the spring and summer.

Fact - headline

Size: 450 ha
Established: 1988
Municipality: Nordanstigs municipality
Nature types: Forest, shingle fields and water
Service: Harbour, information, shelter, fire place, bathing place, toilet and garbage can.

How to find it
Gran lies 10 km out from the coast and you can get here with your own boat or by booking a boat transfer. With your own boat you can dock at the harbour on the east side (harbour depth 2 m).

For information on boat transfer and lodging on the island contact Nordanstig tourist information, +46 652 161 75 or

From Hudiksvall to Mellanfjärden: Take E4 north and turn of to the right at Jättendal. Thereafter follow the signs towards Mellanfjärden.



Due to many fallen trees,
paths in the nature reserve
may be blocked.
Be aware of the danger
of tilting or fallen trees,
especially “log jams”.

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