Water and water usage

The County Administrative Board has many tasks designed to protect the water in the county.  

Water is our most important natural resource and our most important source of food. Water is used for many purposes, for example, for animals and plants, in hydroelectric power to produce energy, as cooling and process water in industries and as waste water. It is important to protect water resources to ensure a sustainable and safe water supply. Operations and actions that affect water, water operations, generally require permits.

Water management

In March 2004, the Swedish Parliament decided that Sweden should be divided into five water districts with a water authority in each district. A County Administrative Board in each water district has been designated as a water authority with the responsibility of dealing with the quality of the water environment within the district. The water authorities have overall responsibility for ensuring that the EU Water Framework Directive is implemented in Sweden. Each County Administrative Board in each district has a planning secretariat with the task of assisting the water authority with the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. Work is carried out in consultation with municipalities, water quality associations and other local water stakeholders.

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