County Administrative Board of Dalarna

The County Administrative Board is a government authority that exists in close proximity to the people in each county. The County Administrative Board has a unique position in the Swedish democratic system. Sweden comprises 21 counties, which are in turn divided into municipal areas.

The County Administrative Board is an important link between the people and the municipal authorities on the one hand and the government, parliament and central authorities on the other. The work of the County Administrative Board is led by the County Governor.

The County Administrative Board is a multifaceted authority

The County Administrative Board works with issues that extend across the whole of society and therefore has a wide variety of specialists at its disposal, such as lawyers, biologists, architects, agronomists, foresters, engineers, public relations officers, archaeologists, veterinarians, social scientists and economists.

The County Administrative Board is charged with a range of tasks, including:

  • implementing national objectives
  • co-ordinating the different interests of the county
  • promoting the development of the county
  • establishing regional objectives
  • safeguarding the rule of law in every instance

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