Protected buildings

Photo: Lena Emanuelsson

The County Administrative Board may decide that historically valuable buildings and environments should be protected as listed buildings. 

The Cultural Heritage Act (SFS 1988.950) indicates that a particularly valuable building, building environment, church environment, park, garden, or the like can be protected as a listed building. Buildings can also be protected under the Planning and Building Act, which is a task for municipalities.

The County Administrative Board 

  • investigates and decides whether an item should be a listed building
  • supervises listed buildings, churches and cemeteries
  • gives permission to change listed buildings, churches and cemeteries

Protection of church sites

According to the Cultural Heritage Act (SFS 1988.950) all church buildings and church sites belonging to the Swedish Church and all cemeteries must be cared for and maintained so that their cultural value is not reduced. If the church environment is from 1939 or earlier, the County Administrative Board must give permission for any changes. This permission requirement also applies to some, especially selected churches and establishments which are from later and which have a high cultural value. Church inventories of cultural and historical value should be kept and cared for, and every parish should keep a list of such equipment.