The County Administrative Board works to develop agribusiness within the county. A viable farming industry is the basis for an open agricultural landscape and a prosperous countryside. Our commission includes agricultural policy, EU aid and protection of the environment and cultural landscape.

Our main task is to promote sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly agriculture through the agricultural policy of Sweden and the EU. This means that we have to convey a substantial amount of information and advice to the county farmers.

We accept applications for EU aid, administer, inspect and make decisions in accordance with the EU regulations.  

Other areas of work include:

  • corporate acquisition of land and forests (also private acquisition in sparsely-populated areas and in areas where land is being reallocated)
  • ensuring that the estates of deceased persons liquidate their holdings of land and forests within the prescribed period
  • monitoring of beekeeping in the county, and
  • training for authorisation to use pesticides.