Disease control

Photo: Hillevi Upmanis

The County Administrative Board is responsible for preventative animal disease control in the county.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has the overall responsibility for animal health and for combating infectious animal diseases.

The County Administrative Board prevents and combats

The County Administrative Board is responsible for preventive disease control of animals in the county, and we manage and coordinate the fight against certain serious infectious diseases. Some are very contagious and have major implications for animals and animal husbandry, known as Epizootic diseases (for example, bluetongue and foot and mouth disease). Other diseases can be transmitted between animals and humans and can cause serious illness in humans, known as Zoonotic diseases (for example, salmonella, tuberculosis and rabies).  

In these circumstances the County Administrative Board may cooperate with the County Medical Officer, the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the National Food Administration, the National Veterinary Institute, veterinarians operating in the field and the county municipalities.