Knowledge and the provision of skills

The County Administrative Board helps businesses with the knowledge and skills they need in order to strengthen the region's growth. We are developing a knowledge-base about the region's supply and demand for knowledge and skills. We have conducted dialogues with interested parties within the county and in neighbouring counties in order to rectify shortcomings with regard to the supply of knowledge and the provision of skills. We also participate in the region's various efforts and projects to strengthen the region’s access to knowledge and skills.

The globalized economy provides great opportunities for companies and other businesses, but at the same time it imposes several demands on their capacity to meet these new conditions. The County Administrative Board produces reports, fact sheets, statistics etc. on the future needs for knowledge and skills. It gathers companies, providers of training courses, academics and others together, and acts whenever it is necessary. Measures have been implemented in terms of the provision of skills, as well as in the area of education and research. The County Administrative Board also participates in a number of development projects and finances some of them.