About the County Administrative Board

Three pictures, a statue of a crouching woman, a wolf and the town square in Karlstad
The County Administrative Board is a government authority that exists in close proximity to the people in each county.  We are an important link between the people and the municipal authorities on the one hand and the government, parliament and central authorities on the other. The work of the County Administrative Board is led by the County Governor, who is commissioned to monitor developments and inform the government of the county's needs.  

The County Administrative Board must ensure that decisions made by the government and Parliament, and which affect the county, are as effective as possible.

Therefore, we:

• provide advice and information
• monitor and check that various organisations comply with laws and guidelines
• perform our duties as an authority − issuing permits, hearing appeals against municipal decisions and compiling information
• coordinate the county’s strengths by taking initiatives and organising meetings and activities
• provide contributions to various kinds of activities. We also have other tasks as an authority, where we make decisions or impose measures in accordance with laws and other democratically made decisions.