Innovation Stockholm

The vision Stockholm 2025: the world’s most innovation-driven economy.

​The Stockholm region stands for a large and growing share of Sweden's new businesses, population and value added. There's a broad industry representation with strong capacity for renewal and development, and there are several internationally recognized universities.

In international comparisons the region is seen as robust, successful and innovative. Meanwhile, Stockholm is a relatively small region in a world of increasing global competition. The region is facing a number of challenges. But rightly dealt with these challenges can be the driving force for change and development.

About Innovation Stockholm

Innovation Stockholm brings regional stakeholders together to develop and implement a common regional innovation strategy and actions that can contribute to increased innovation and renewal. The aim is to get more regional stakeholders to become involved and contribute more to the objectives:

  • The Stockholm region will be seen as more attractive.
  • Collaboration will expand and results of collaboration improve.
  • The Delivery capability in the research and innovation system will increase.