Hallstad ängar***

Hallstad ängar is a unique meadow with pollarded lime trees in a lovely setting by the south shore of Järnlunden. It has a wonderful display of wild flowers and a diversity of wild herbs and grasses.

Pollarded lime trees. Photo: Kurt Adolfsson<br></ST1:PLACE> 

Hallstad Ängar is unique because nowhere else on the mainland of Sweden are there so many pollarded lime trees. Pollarding means that the branches are trimmed at regular intervals for winterfodder.

During the spring and early summer months Hallstad Ängar has a rich display of flowers. You can find Cowslip, Bluebell, Common Rockrose, Cat's Foot, Milkwort, Vipers Grass, Quaking Grass, Sweet Vernal-grass, etc.

At the end of July, when most of the plants have set seed, the meadow is cut in the traditional way. For more than a thousand years, up to the middle of the nineteenth century, the meadow was the farmer's most important source of fodder that he harvested for his livestock in the form of hay and leaves after mowing and pollarding. Nowadays there are not many meadows of this type left in Sweden.


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