Welcome to Trangärdet

Trangärdet in northern Kilsbergen is an area of
wilderness where visitors can experience a landscape
similar to that of northern Sweden. The Trangärdet nature reserve is typical of the landscape on the Kilsbergen
plateau, above the highest coastline.

The nature reserve comprises forest and marshland with several lakes of varying size. The area is totally unaffected by digging of ditches, logging and peat cutting. Trangärdet comprises mainly bogs, but with stony moraine islands covered with coniferous forest similar to native forest.

The area has rich birdlife, including common redstart, cuckoo, mistle thrush, nightjar and several owl and woodpecker species. Ospreys breed in some years and the hobby is seen in the summer. The boggy area also has birds such as the wood sandpiper, whooper swan, crane and golden plover. In the lakes teal, goldeneye and mallard can be seen. 

Trangärdet is one of the county’s least-visited nature reserves. It is situated in the middle of the Villingsberg firing range and so can only be visited at weekends when shooting is not taking place, and during some summer weeks (for more information, see the home page http://www.skjutfalten.se/avlysningar). 

The surroundings are desolate, and visitors are guaranteed solitude. There are no marked paths in the nature reserve.

How to get there

The reserve lies approximately 11 km east of Karlskoga and approximately 8 km north of Villingsberg. The easiest route is to turn off the E18 motorway at Villingsberg or Leken. Minor roads lead over the firing range to the reserve. Make sure you take a map with you when you visit Trangärdet!

In the nature reserve, you are not permitted to:

  • Remove branches, cut down or damage in any other way living or dead trees and bushes and other vegetation, such as by picking flowers or digging up plants
  • Deliberately disturb animals, such as by disturbing breeding birds or by removing or damaging eggs • Have dogs unleashed
  • Camp
  • Light fires

The regulations also apply to military personnel

 Fact sheet


Established: 1974

Area: 230 ha

Landowner: Swedish Fortifications Agency

Managed by: Swedish Fortifications Agency

Established by: County Administrative Board

The area is part of the EU network Natura 2000