Welcome to Mårsätter

Approaching Mårsätter takes the visitor through one of the most remarkable changes in the Närke landscape. Leaving an open agricultural landscape, a couple of hundred metres takes the visitor deep into wild country with ancient forest and enchanting ponds.

Mårsätter is a mountainous old forest area in Tylöskogen, the forest that links Tiveden in the west and Kolmården in the east. From the small car park, a signposted and marked 7-km path leads round the nature reserve. There is also a shorter path of 4 km. In places, the paths can be challenging for people with impaired mobility. The path rises quickly up towards the highest points of Tosjöklint or Mårsättersberget, from where there is a fine view over farmland and to Lake Vättern in the distance. The path passes through mossy areas and pine forest, past lichen-covered rocks and through narrow rift valleys. Occasional traces of forest fires can be seen along the path.

The nature reserve contains two lakes covered with water lilies, Tosjön and Svartgölen, lurking like black mirrors in the green forest. Visitors stand a good chance of seeing capercaillie or hearing crested tits up in the pine tops. Fauna includes unusual species such as bristly bellflower and the green-white lesser butterfly orchid. Many threatened lichens and mosses have been found in the area, including Sclerophora peronella, green shield moss, Candelabra coral, Phellinus nigrolimitatus and Mycetina cruciata.

How to get there

From road 50 south of Sänna, turn off towards Zinkgruvan. After a couple of kilometres, a sign shows the way to the nature reserve. There are no shelters or barbecues.

In the nature reserve, you are not permitted to:

  • damage the ground surface
  • pick flowers or damage vegetation by picking or digging up. You may, however, pick berries and edible fungi
  • light fires
  • set up notice boards, placards, posters, signs, marked trails, or similar

 Fact sheet


Established: 2003

Area: 134 ha

Landowner: Private ownership

Managed by: County Administrative Board

Established by: County Administrative Board

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