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Photo from Mantorpsskogen.
Mantorpsskogen offers tranquillity and silence, scented forest, marshes and lime-loving flora. There is a great diversity of ground fungi and orchids. Mixed coniferous forest grows on the higher ground, and in the hollows there are marshes and sphagnum bogs.

Plants and fungi

Mantorpsskogen contains many plants and fungi that thrive on the lime derived from the limestone rock. The limestone is the biggest natural influence on the area’s large and characteristic species diversity. Many different types of orchids can be seen, such as Microstylis monophyllos, ghost orchid and bird’s-nest orchid. Liverleaf and mezereum bloom in the spring and, in May, wonder violet and lily-of-the-valley. The fungi in the area include many rare and/or threatened species, such as those in the Hydnis, Sarcodon and Geastraceae groups. A particularly rare species is Sarcosoma globosum, which is declining rapidly throughout the country. It grows after the snow has melted in the spring when there has been a lot of snow in the winter.


The nature reserve contains the bird fauna most commonly found in spruce forest, including tits and thrushes. Cranes can be heard over the sphagnum bogs. You are permitted to pick berries and fungi such as the chanterelle, trumpet chanterelle, Boletus edulis and black chanterelle, but not other fungi. There are two paths in Mantorpsskogen. The shorter path is 2.5 km while the longer one is 4 km. Another walk is along a forest road (2 km). Near the long path is an area with old cairns, which are either former cultivation cairns or burial grounds. The Axberg Church path, running from Axberg to Rinkaby, also passes through Mantorpsskogen.

How to get there

From Örebro, take the E 20 motorway towards Stockholm. Turn off at the junction to Myrö/Fellingsbro, and drive towards Glanshammar. After approximately 3.5 km, turn left towards Fellingsbro. Continue a further 1.5 km to the Rinkaby village store (now closed). Turn left towards Götavi and the nature reserve. After approximately 1 km, drive straight ahead towards Larstorp, and then follow the biggest road to the car park in the nature reserve.

In the nature reserve, you are not permitted to:

  • disturb animals
  • damage ground or vegetation by digging up or picking flowers, lichens or wood-decay fungi
  • damage dry wood or fallen trees with carvings, hacking or by removing loose bark collect insects or other small organisms without a permit from the County Administrative Board
  • camp
  • light fires
  • drive motor vehicles or cycle 
  • mark trails with paper strips or similar

 Fact sheet



Area: 135 ha

Landowner: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Managed by: County Administrative Board

Established by: County Administrative Board

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