Welcome to Kamptjärnsbrännan

Kamptjärnsbrännan is in the very north of the county, near the border with Dalarna. It is a remote and wild mountainous area with large stone blocks, marshes and small lakes.

The forest in Kamptjärnsbrännan burned about 120 years ago. Many types of insects, fungi and lichen thrive in the many old deciduous trees that germinated after the forest fire.

Home for many species

The area’s old and undisturbed forest and the large quantity of dead wood in various stages of decay offer homes for many species. Green woodpecker, great-spotted woodpecker, black woodpecker and three-toed woodpecker find good feeding places and nests in many old trees. The three-toed woodpecker, capercaillie and black grouse breed in the area. 

In the area there are a large number of unusual beetles including Hylis procerulus, Anobiidae, Dendrophagus crenatus and Corticaria lapponica, which thrive in decaying tree trunks. There are also many rare species of fungi, such as Asterodon ferruginosis and Phellinus ferrugineofuscus, which grow on dead trees on the ground.

You may also find unusual species of lichens and mosses associated with old natural forest, such as Bryoria nadvornikiana, a hanging lichen found on the branches of really old spruce trees and Microcalicium ahlneri, which only grows on pine stubs. Mosses include heller’s notchwort, which also grows on dead trees on the ground. Creeping lady’s tresses and the heath spotted orchids grow on the mossy ground of the spruce forest. This diversity of animals and plants benefited from the forest fire that swept through and altered the forest many years ago. Forest fires kill many organisms, but provide opportunities for others.


A 5.2 km path leads round the nature reserve but shorter routes are also possible. The northern path (2.5 km) is quite challenging but offers many things to see as it runs between large stone blocks and past many fire-related stubs. The southern path (3.5 km) passes through younger forest, runspast the Kamptjärnen lake and over part of the Kamptjärnsmossen marsh.

How to get there

Kamptjärnsbrännan lies 25 km north-northeast of Hällefors. In Hällefors, follow the road towards Sävsjön. In Sävsjön, take the road towards Strömsdal, then follow the signs to the nature reserve. You can also turn off road 50 at Silverhöjden past Yxsjöberg.

In the nature reserve, you are not permitted to:

  • damage the ground surface
  • have dogs unleashed
  • disturb animal life
  • pick flowers, lichens or wood-decay fungi, or damage vegetation in any other way. You may, however, pick berries and edible fungi
  • collect insects or other invertebrates
  • carve on dry wood and bark or damage fallen tree stems
  • light fires or camp
  • drive motor vehicles or cycle
  • set up notice boards, placards, posters or similar
  • set up orienteering control points or mark trails with paper strips


Established: 2002

Area: 128 ha

Landowner: Swedish Environmental Protection

Agency Managed by: County Administrative Board

Established by: County Administrative Board The area is part of the EU network Natura 2000


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