Welcome to Balsta

The forest in Balsta has been allowed to develop freely during a long period. In the thick, moist spruce forest you will find a great many coarse aspens. A very special lichen flora, including rare species such as skin lichen and jelly lichen, grow on the aspens. These lichens are dependent on old trees where the bark has reached a certain structure, but they are also favoured by the high humidity in the forest. The aspens are also popular among woodpeckers and some trees are riddled with holes. Old woodpecker holes are soon taken over by tits, owls and other species that cannot make their own nesting holes. The forest is also rich in dead wood, mainly fallen spruce stems. The rare moss Heller’s notchwort can be found on some decaying spruce stems.

Within the grounds of the reserve it is forbidden to:

  • cause damage to the ground surface
  • make a fire