Department of Nature Resources 

The nature conservation work done by the Administrative Board is aimed at preserving the county's natural and cultural landscapes and the biological diversity linked to each landscape. We are responsible for:


  • Area and species protection according to the Environmental Code (Law SFS 1998:808)
  • Management and public access to protected areas, including information to visitors and guided tours 
  • Natura 2000 – monitoring, plans and management
  • Conservation and monitoring of biological diversity
  • Landscape planning for sustainable land and water use
  • Permits, business grants, supervision, information and development in professional fishing, fishing protection and water use
Hepatica nobilis

We also inform about the right of public access and we work to ensure that we have a good outdoor environment. Among other things we make an inventory of and follow-up various endangered elements in nature as well as plant and animal species.

According to the Environmental Code we can protect nature by establishing nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and so on. The County Administrative Board is also responsible for caring for and administering nature reserves. We also inform visitors about the protected areas, arrange guided tours and have a Visitors Center (Naturum Omberg) with many activities for the public.

If you are about to carry out work that could affect the natural environment negatively, such as laying cables or planting on pasture land, you are obliged to consult the County Administrative Board first.