Fire restrictions

Prohibition to light fires can be issued from the County Administrative Board for the county of Kronoberg in general. The County Administrative Board will do so when prognosis indicates a high risk in general for spreading of fires. (Jmf 07FS 2009:16)

The local fire department can decided on local prohibition to light fires or exceptions for the municipality from general restrictions.

All lighting of open fires outdoors is forbidden during these restrictions if you not have a special permission from the local fire department. 

Barbequing and cooking with charcoal / briquettes in camping stoves or outdoor grills on tripods or equivalent device for cooking which can not transfer heat to the combustible basis is allowed. During restrictions for fires always be very careful when barbequing. 

During restrictions for outdoor fires, all use of pyrotechnics outdoors is also prohibited.


All information of current interest regarding restrictions on lighting fires appears on the website of the County Administrative Board. General information about drought and prohibitions on lighting fires could also be presented from local radio stations or by calling an answering machine (0470-186 80 information in Swedish).

General information on the lighting of fires

To light a fire causes a responsibility because it involves a risk. Avoid lighting of fires when there is an enhanced risk for spreading of fires, even if no restrictions are issued. In particular places there could exist separate restrictions or restrictions to light fires, in addition to general prohibitions. This can concern populations centers, nature reserve etc.

If you light a fire, always make sure you have proper equipment for effective control and to extinguish the fire (water, broom, rake, spade). Always make sure that you have extinguished the fire completely before you leave the place.

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